ortophotomaps and 3d models


The benefits of using unmanned aerial vehicles are related to the ability to accurately locate and image terrain / grassland / objects from a different perspective. Services using drones are a fast and secure way to collect, analyze and process data.


An orthophotomap is a tool that allows accurate and timely imaging of the area. Thanks to the exact image obtained from the drone, we can generate a map with very high resolution, even 1 cm / px.

3D Models

The 3D model of the object or terrain allows three-dimensional reproduction of the building or terrain based on photos collected from a bird’s eye view.

how the service works?

Road and Construction Industry

The design and inventory stage of the facilities

Environmental Protection

Inventory of Areas

Advertising industry

When preparing photomaps and situational plans

Public Administration

When preparing maps of municipalities, cities, counties, including tourist attractions

Energetic Industry

When acquiring and processing data related to technical infrastructure

Investors/ Developers

When analyzing spatial data to select the best location for investments and when preparing a visualization of the housing offer

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