can drones make our work easier?

The view from the drone changes the perspective of view on a given area so that we can see a lot more as a result of which we save time and money. Support the planning and design process and make decisions easier by analyzing the material collected from the drone.
Drone photos and videos are solid documentation in many sectors of the economy.
We carry out raids for construction, design, logistics and industrial purposes. We adjust solutions that provide our clients with as much information as possible from the collected material.

Preparation of visual photo-video documentation

Photographic documentation of hard-to-reach places

Creating promotional materials for sites


How the service works:

1. Verification of investment progress (taking pictures before, during and after the investment)
2. Inventory of large areas
3. Visualizations for the needs of planning / design (visualization of investments in a specific area)
4. Assessment of the condition of the object or area
5. Investor’s supervision
6. Live broadcasts presenting the area / investments
7. Periodic monitoring raids

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